With the continued growth of online and emerging players the gaming industry is at an all time boom. As markets continue to grow, having real time information on your competition along with regulatory insight has never been more important.


Real Time Gaming Market Intelligence
Make annual reports a thing of the past. Automatically  track your entire market. Get daily updates into your inbox or via our MS Teams and Slack extensions, for actionable information when you need it.

Promotions & Membership Changes
Ensure that you do not lose market share to competitor promotions - respond immediately to protect revenue.

New Product Launches
Keep up to date with new product launches and markets that your competitors are entering. From online casinos, sports book and the latest innovations of in-game betting.

Live Legislation Updates
Get real time updates on legislation changes affecting your regional operations. Get updates on licensing changes before they go live and keep ahead of outside threats.

Trend Analysis Of Your Brand VS Competitors
Ensure you are performing on all digital channels. Learn from your competitors and deploy their best practices to improve your sales.

Brand Monitoring
Know where you sit across various product rankings. Check all brands in your portfolio against the competition.

Track Global Markets At Scale
We can track any competitor in any market and we translate the insight into english.  We provide updates on regulatory announcements as they happen along with terms and conditions.  

Investment & Investor Updates
Use your competitors investor updates to identify industry growth and new market opportunities to inform your own strategy.

Support Different Teams Across Your Organisation
Our digital intelligence can support many teams across your organisation such as marketing, insights, product, acquisition and sales teams. Supporting you with the information to succeed.


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