How Can Competitor Intelligence Help You Protect & Grow Revenue?

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With WMC you can automatically track key information to ensure your business intelligence strategy secures results. Competitor Intelligence (CI) is the single biggest growth area in the business intelligence industry. But previously it has been a manual process that proved difficult to integrate at scale. 

We have solved that problem with our fully automated CI software. Powered by AI, and refined by analysts, the dashboard provides an unrivalled level of real-time intelligence. We give you the tools to stay ahead of the competition. 

Key benefits include 

  • Informing & validating your strategy.
  • Revenue protection.
  • Track product innovation.
  • Trend analysis that allows you to spend with confidence.
  • Saving time, productivity & ROI.
  • Upskilling your team to become CI experts.
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WMC Delivers 

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Our Business Intelligence team curates the most important updates from our AI. This ensures the most important updates reach your team when you need them. 

  • How identifying threats early can enable your team to succeed.
  • Identify your customers' current buying process.
  • Increase cross department collaboration.
  • How to action intelligence into results.

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