Use Marketing Intelligence to Improve Campaign Success

Capture real-time marketing intelligence to make data-driven marketing decisions, improve strategies and maximise campaign performance. WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) tracks and analyses your industry using artificial intelligence.



What is Marketing Intelligence

Marketing intelligence refers to the insights gathered and analysed about the market you operate in. WMC tracks consumer behaviour, actions and communication about you and your competitors, alongside important important industry news. Giving you a comprehensive and clearer picture of the market.  


Marketing with Business Intelligence

Marketing intelligence supports various departments, but is of particular value to marketing teams seeking to use data to build and validate their strategies. It provides unique insights into what exactly consumers want, how they think and feel about the brands, and how that's reflected in their buying behaviour.

Insights focus on a broad range of areas, from how consumers have scored and reviewed competitor services, to how they interact with them via social media and other channels, profiling consumers by demographics and location.


How can WMC support your marketing team?

Automatic tracking of competitors' activity

Don't waste time manually tracking your competitors' campaigns. WMC automates the process, and uses AI and human expertise to collate the data you need. Be the first to access the right competitor activity data 

Have confidence in your marketing spend

Avoid guesswork where valuable marketing budgets are involved. Use data to robustly substantiate your strategies with unique insights into consumer trends, behaviour and opinions.


Stay updated to protect and grow market share

Remain up to date with competitors Use marketing intelligence to make proactive, data-driven decisions that help you protect your position and grow market share.



Share important alerts across your business

Don't rely on periodic reporting to inform your marketing strategies. Receive important real-time alerts about your market and consumers on a daily basis. This information can be shared with relevant departments via popular tools such as Teams.


Harness AI to grow your marketing intelligence

Don’t limit your scope of research, access all relevant publicly available data. WMC harnesses AI to improve the automation process, collating valuable data regularly that can be utilised as actionable intelligence no one else in your sector can access.



Marketing FAQs

How can I gather market intelligence?

Marketing intelligence is typically sourced by manually tracking the overall market and your competitors or by using market and competitor tracking software. WMC's analysts will help you set up and, fully utilise an intelligence dashboard, so that you can access live, relevant insights about consumers and competitors in one place, ready to share with your team.

How can I gather market intelligence?

Gathering the right marketing intelligence allows you to stay ahead of the competition or close the gap on market leaders. The correct data enables your business to make smarter and faster decisions, therefore enhancing your marketing, sales and product strategies.

How does marketing intelligence differ from marketing research?

The data market research collects doesn't exist prior to the project being undertaken. It creates insights by posing new questions and using research techniques such as interviews, surveys and exercises to draw out consumer opinions, wants and needs. Marketing intelligence doesn't influence the data it tracks and captures. WMC gathers information as it's published online and draws conclusions from the incoming data.

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