Get Ahead With Real-Time Competitive Insights

WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) provides real-time competitive insights for your team. Make informed strategic decisions and gain an advantage over your closest competitors to protect and grow your company’s revenue.



What is Competitive Insight?

Competitive insight refers to information about your competitors that has been gathered using competitor tracking software and analysed by market experts.

The outputs are actionable insights that can be used to help you make data-driven decisions across the business as well as validate and improve strategies relating to your products, services, marketing and sales.


Types Of Competitive Insights


Competitor promotions can have a direct impact on your sales performance. Learning about them in real time will give you more time to respond and protect your market share. 




A clear picture of how competitors price their products and services or knowing when things change, can help you adjust your pricing strategies and gain an advantage.





Products & services

From launches and new entrants to updates and innovations to withdrawals and declines, a full and up-to-date picture of the market can help you optimise your own product strategies and roadmaps.








Marketing & brand

If a competitor makes changes to its brand or messaging, launches a new campaign or publishes content on specific topics, it can help you understand market trends, revise your strategies and avoid losing ground.






Knowing whether a competitor has invested in a new piece of technology or equipment or received investment to grow their operations can give you insight into their future plans and identify potential risks to your revenue.






Company news

Personnel and structural changes – particularly involving senior members of your competitors' organisations – can highlight opportunities and threats that inform your plans and decision-making.


Dominate your competitive market


Optimise you marketing strategies

Avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong plans. Use competitive insights to focus your energy and resources on areas of the market that will maximise revenue.


Identify strengths & weaknesses

Don't miss opportunities to pull away from competitors or close the gap. Your insights can inform how and where you need to invest and dominate the market.

Become an intelligent business

Don't miss opportunities to pull away from competitors or close the gap. Your insights can inform how and where you need to invest and dominate the market.



How Can WatchMyCompetitor Help Harness Competitive Insights?

Improve decision making

No more guesswork. WMC combines AI tech and human analyst expertise to provide real-time competitive insights about your biggest threats and opportunities. Collate for specific departments, so they can make informed decisions for their strategies.

Rapidly share intelligence

Don’t rely on periodic reporting to share competitive insights. WMC integrates seamlessly with your existing communication and CRMs – from Slack and Teams to Power BI and Salesforce – so that intelligence can be shared quickly with ease.

Protect and Grow Revenue

WMC identifies everything from competitor product news, acquisitions, key messaging, website changes to new partnerships. Ensure your departments can identify new trends, respond to potential threats and stay ahead of competitors.

Save Valuable Time

Free your team from slow and outdated data collection methods. WMC is a centralised, automated platform that can be tailored to each department’s needs. Past data can be stored, giving your business easy access to valuable intelligence.


Competitive insights FAQs

What can competitive analytics provide insights on

Competitive analytics can cover a wide range of topics, including competitor promotions, pricing, products, services, investments and personnel news. It goes beyond raw data to provide intelligence that powers your decision-making.


How do I gain competitive insights from social media

WMC tracks activity across a wide range of sources to gain a clearer picture of your competitors' strategies. Social media is one of those sources, providing rich insights into your competitors' follower numbers, engagement levels, content focus and how consumers think and feel about their products and services.

How do you measure a competitor's performance?

Competitor performance can be measured in a number of ways, from revenue and revenue growth to engagement levels on social media to industry review site scores. WMC analysts work with you to understand the competitive landscape and identify the most important metrics for comparison.

What is a competitive insights framework?

A competitive insights framework is a visual tool presenting real-time intelligence about your identified competitors. With WMC, this comes as standard as part of our dashboards. Data is turned into graphs and charts that offer fast access to useful insights.

What is the role of competitive insights?

Competitive insights give you a clearer picture of your competitors' strategies and plans so that your business and the departments within it can make informed decisions of how to protect and grow revenue and stay ahead.

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