Get actionable, real-time insight for you and your team. When change is the only constant, we’re with you to help protect and grow your revenue. The WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) platform enables organisations to make informed decisions with independent insights powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and supported by our dedicated analyst team. WMC offers real time market analysis to allow your team to take our insights and action them.

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Identify New Competitors As They Emerge
WMC helps you track your competitors’ complete digital footprint, including: websites, social channels, external communications, review channels, mobile app stores, podcasts, news mentions, industry reviews and press releases. Through the WMC platform, you can quickly see how your market is evolving with minimal effort.

Competitor Strategy Tracking
Our analyst team provides curated, high value insight allowing you to instantly see how your competitors strategy is evolving. New products and services, new partnerships, promotional activity, events, leadership changes - we capture and summarise it for you so you can react quickly to maximise your position.

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Increase ROI & Get Time Back
When you pour hours into gathering and organising competitor data, there’s hardly any time to analyse and act on that intelligence. With WMC we automatically capture, summarise and categorise insights, tapping into millions of sources across the internet, freeing up your time to develop and action your strategy. We provide you the curated intelligence, without noise that colleagues can easily digest and action.

What About Client, Partner & Regulator Intelligence?
WMC is deployed by its clients to track not only competitors, but their own brand (great for benchmarking against the competition), clients, trade partners and regulators. As an enterprise platform, WMC can support different teams sending the right intelligence to the right team.

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