Get actionable, real-time insight for you and your team. When change is the only constant, we’re with you to protect and grow revenue. The WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) platform enables organisations to make informed decisions with independent insights powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and supported by our designated analyst team. WMC offers real time market analysis to allow your team to take our insights and action them.

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Live Market Tracking
Highlights competitor expansion into new product lines - something that could be considered for your own product roadmap. WMC also allows you to track your competitors investor updates to inform your own strategy.


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Increase ROI & Get Time Back
When you pour hours into gathering and organizing competitor data, there’s hardly any time to analyze and act on that intelligence. This keeps you from the efforts that translate to true ROI. Make informed decisions of what is going on in your market. With WMC we automatically capture and categorise insights, tapping into millions of sources across the internet, freeing up your schedule for the more important tasks. We provide you and your colleagues with the curated intelligence that allows you to close and retain more business.


Identify New Competitors As They Emerge
WMC helps you track your competitors’ complete digital footprint, including; websites, social media channels, external communications, review channels, mobile app stores, podcasts, news mentions, industry reviews and press releases. Understand which channels your competitor set are targeting, when promotions are being launched, what the messaging contains and the frequency. Historical mapping which enables teams to view over time how competitor marketing strategy is evolving and areas which are a focus.