WMC automatically tracks your competitors digital proposition including products, services and customer journeys. We monitor everything you need to stay ahead of the competition.


Live Market Tracking

We track revenue and market share in real time. Here is a snap shot of what the banking market looks like right now, with the WatchMyCompetitor platform you can see beyond the standard accounts and share price.


Brands Compared

We will track your market leaders to benchmark your business against for direct threats to your revenue. Live search volume shows how the biggest brands draw traffic to their business. Want to know how competitor intelligence can benefit your business? Book your demo today[Anchor link to bottom].

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Real Time Financial Services Market Intelligence
Make annual reports a thing of the past. Track everything in one dashboard. Get updates into your inbox, or via our MS Teams and Slack extensions, for actionable information when you need it.

New Products & Product Changes
Check the latest share price and financial news on FOREX, FTSE, LSE in one dashboard. See where competing companies are growing revenue. 

Rate & Fee Changes
Change in mortgage rates? New Pension offering? Re-branded messaging? Don't let challenger banks disrupt your revenue.  Track all this through WMC. 

Customer Journey & Messaging Changes
Respond to key messaging changes, from promotions to website changes keep up to date and leverage industry best practice improve your presence.

New Partnerships & Channels
Identify new routes to market for your own products and services. Help understand what traditional banks are combining with FinTech startups.

Trend Analysis Of Your Brand vs Competitors
Ensure you are performing on all digital channels. Learn from  competitors and deploy their best practices to improve sales.

Track Global Markets at Scale
We can track any competitor in any market. Curate bespoke tracking dashboards with our analyst team, we'll provide you the right information to match your growth strategy.

Product Rank Tracking
Know where you sit across the various product ranking sites such as Trust Pilot - ensure your customer service teams are scored where you need to be.

Supporting Different Teams
Our digital intelligence can support many teams across your organisation such as marketing, insights, product, customer service teams and strategy.  Our platform can easily support different country teams.