Fully automated market tracking. The WMC platform provides you with the real-time information to protect and grow revenue.

WMC Go business intelligence app

Real Time Competitor Intelligence 
Make annual reports a thing of the past, we track everything in one dashboard. Get daily updates into your inbox or via our MS Teams or Slack extensions, for actionable information when you need it.

New Products & Capabilities
Informs your own product roadmap as emerging players enter the technology sector. Ensure you do not miss the latest product innovations and launches as customer demand evolves.

Promotions & Pricing Changes
Protect and grow revenue through responding in real time to competitor promotions and price changes.

Key Messaging Changes
Respond to key messaging changes, from promotions to website changes, leverage best industry practice to improve your digital messaging.

Brand Benchmarking
Ensure you are performing on all digital channels. Learn from your competitors and deploy their best practices to improve your sales.

Supporting Different Teams
Our business intelligence can support many teams across your organisation such as marketing, insights, product, customer service teams and strategy.  Our platform can easily support different country teams.

New Partnerships & Channels
Identify new routes to market for your own products and services.

Investment & Investor Updates
Use your competitors investor updates to identify industry growth and new market opportunities to inform your own strategy.

Brand Acquisitions
Highlights competitor expansion into new product lines. It will also identify large scale players entering your market to allow you to protect revenue.

Computing market share dashboard